The Jewish Symbol of the Star of David
by Rich Murphy


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Star of DavidThe Star of David is widely recognized as the symbol of the Jews and of the state of Israel. Before the forming of the modern state of Israel, the vehicles of the Jewish agency used the star as a symbol. Once Israel gained her freedom, the star was placed on her flag. Jewish businesses for centuries have used the star on their signs and on their windows to announce to other Jews that this was a kosher business. Even the Nazis used the six-pointed star as a symbol of the Jews.

But, where did this symbol come from, what does it mean, and why is it called the Star of David?

There is nothing in scripture that gives us a hint as to the origin, or meaning of the Star of David. However, Jewish tradition tells us that God gave the symbol of the six-pointed star to King David as a symbol of his kingdom.

Actually, the Star of David isn't a six-pointed star, but more properly drawn, it is two equilateral triangles, intertwined with each other. The first triangle stands for the trinity of God (Father, Son, & Spirit), and forms an arrow pointed down. (Please note that the Jews understand this as representing the three parts of God, but they do not accept the idea of the trinity, only God the Father). The second triangle represents the trinity of man (spirit, soul, & body), and forms an arrow pointed up.

The two are intertwined because together they symbolize the Messiah or, as Christians know Him, the Christ. He is the only one who can be God reaching down to man and man reaching up to God at the same time. He is the only one who unites the two to become one.

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