People complain about how little a dollar is any more. They say that a dollar doesn't have the buying power it used to. What can one dollar do for you? If that dollar stays in your hands, it can buy a coke, a bag of chips, or something at the dollar store.

However, if you put the same dollar in our hands it can:

  • Feed a family living in the garbage dumps of Reynosa, Mexico a meal.

  • Or, give an indigenous child living in the mountains of Chiapas, Mexico a Christmas present.

  • Or, print 4 studies that we give to Mexican pastors, or print and mail a study to a pastor who lives farther away.

  • Or, copy a CD of a teaching, which will minister to a pastor.

  • Or, print and mail a copy of "Life-Line for Pastors" to an American pastor who needs help and encouragement.

  • Or, buy one minute of air time on Mexican radio.

  • Or, allow us to visit a Mexican pastor to encourage him and pray for his family.

  • Or, keep our web site, which is ministering to thousands of people per month, on the Internet for two days.

  • Or, provide materials for Vacation Bible School for a Mexican child.

  • Or, put 100 tracts in the hands of a Mexican pastor.

And, minister the Word of God to all those people, in all those places, all those times.

And, store up treasures for you in heaven, while it's doing all those other things! That's what one dollar can do!

Even more than that, if you, and everyone else who is receiving from our web site sends us just one dollar per month, we can increase the ministry we are doing in Mexico by five fold!

But, if you keep that dollar in your pocket, and don't send it to us, we can't do any of those things. This ministry, like all ministries can only do the work of the Lord, as the Body of Christ is willing to support us.

Many people never give to missions, because they think they can't give enough. Well, we've just shown you what one dollar can do. Why not give that one dollar, and let God multiply it and use it? Has this web site been a blessing to you? If so, would you be willing to commit to God to partnership with this ministry for $1.00 per month? Would you be willing to make that investment in the Kingdom of God? Would you be willing to help us be a blessing to others?

If so, you can either put your dollar in an envelope, and send it to us at:

   Maranatha Life
   P.O. Box 1206
   Donna, TX 78537

Or, you can send it to us via PayPal:

Thanks for your dollar! Please e-mail us, and let us know you've joined our $1.00 club. We'll put you on our e-mail list and send you our e-newsletter, so you can find out what we're doing with that dollar. We do not send junk mail, nor do we sell our list to third parties.

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